Aren’t you the lucky one who got a special gift?! Congrats. You wonder now what to do and how to take care of your flowers, isn’t that right? Read down bellow, how to take care of your flowers.

Happy place for flowers is in a cool spot, out of a direct sun, far from a heat source. Flowers aren’t a big friend with fruit, please keep your bowl of fruit far from them. The natural gas coming out of ripen fruit can shorten flower life.


florescence peonies and garden roses flower box unique gift for special occasion

Our flower box is made of a 3 parts - 1st part is round hat box, which will remain and you can enjoy it after the flowers are gone. 2nd - Lining - we line our flower boxes with cello, waterproof clear plastic wrap, which holds any water off the cute box and plastic bowl. 3rd - Floral foam - in which we arrange all the flowers. When you received the flower box, floral foam has been fully soaked in water and so you don’t need to water them.

Just enjoy the flowers and don’t forget to share your joy with us by tagging @florescenceflowerstudio or using hashtag #florescenceflowerstudio on Instagram.

After you fully enjoyed your flowers and they are no good anymore, take out the entire content by slowly pulling out the clear plastic wrapper. Throw the content of box away and enjoy your box.


Peachy spring flower bouquet wrap for birthday engagement baby shower

We finely wrap our flower bouquets into a special paper and keep the ends of stems wrapped in a green plastic traveling bag secured an elastic underneath of this nice wrapping. Before putting your flowers into a vase full of fresh cold water, remove either entire wrapping or only the green plastic bag by cutting the elastic and pulling green plastic down and unwrapping wet green foam wrapper. Trim the ends and stick it in the water with leaving the wrapper surround the outside of the vase. Like this you can enjoy the wrapped bouquet.

Change the water in vase daily or as often as you remember, this will tremendously extend your bouquet life.


milk vase spring arrangement with astilbe rice flower and hyacinths

Water should be changed every few days, if you remember every other day, by following method. Get running a cold water out of your faucet, place side of the vase under running water and let it overflow until the running water will be coming out of vase clear. This way you keep stems cells clear and avoid bubble of air stucking the cells and leading to faster end of your fresh flowers.