Florescence Flower Box

Florescence Flower Box

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All of our boxes are one of a kind. We always can re-create box or create a similar one while using similar or same seasonal flowers.

  • Put your trust in our professional hands. Tell us what is the final look you going for, is it the WOW effect? Well, we got you covered on that.

  • Any occasion can be special with our flower box! Luxury and Unique gift for birthday, Mother’s day, Anniversary, say Love you or give it Just because. Flowers will make the gifted person feel special and loved.

Oh, you said, you would like to get a certain flower in the arrangement? Well if Mother nature is merciful and flower is in the season we will do our best to get it for you. And if your requested flower is out of season, don’t be sad, we will give you a call and offer suitable alternative.

I hear you, you do NOT like pomps or your beloved one is allergic to eucalyptus. LET US KNOW! There is a form to fill out while checking out and you can write it all for us.

Make a color of box selection - Blush, White, Black, Gray and write your desired color otherwise our standard color is shimmer gray.

Please read delivery section to get all the prompts before purchasing.

(First two picture are our large size boxes and “It’s never enough” option.)

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